London based marketing consultancy for Italians in the UK and the British in Italy
A small team of experienced professionals supporting business with strategy, branding, digital, events organisation and much more

We are deeply committed to making life easier for those engaged in cross-border business who face the challenges of operating in foreign lands, whether representing the Italian or the UK market.

Our support is particularly useful to:

- Those exporting and importing products and lacking in knowledge about how to adapt their communication to a different culture, distinct values and set of norms.
- Those established in their own market looking to expand into Italy or the UK whilst maintaining their brand-name power.

- Those eager to follow an international expansion strategy who are struggling with finding reliable partners and suppliers in a timely manner.

- Those who, even with technologies such as video conferencing, still prefer to establish relationships on a personal level and want someone to create the right network or event for them.

To all of these people, we are committed to smooth the path to success.
Brand & Identity, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Communications,
Events & Experiential Packaging, Workshops
A bespoke and flexible boutique of skilled professionals in the industry. A mini-ensemble able to produce a powerful impact, built each time to meet the client goals and coordinated by Serafino Manca, a fully qualified, seasoned in the field, London-based award-winning marketing professional.

Creating networks, managing high performing teams and, in general, leading international strategic projects from idea to completion is both his passion and his occupation.
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We currently mainly concetrate on lifestyle products, and we have often supported not-for-profit, membership and volunteer-led organisations, as well as used our expertise to help a broad range of private businesses in various sectors.